iHeart’s Upstate Unsolved Is Back


WGY Albany’s Phoebe LaFave investigates the unsolved murders of two Albany County women from the Late 1950s and Early 60s.

Season two launches in partnership with the Cold Case Analysis Center at the College of St. Rose and investigates the unsolved murders of Catherine ‘Kate’ Blackburn (1964) and Ruth Whitman (1959). While seemingly unconnected, Blackburn and Whitman have one crucial element in common – their cases aren’t well known to the public. With the support of the Albany Police Department and the Colonie Police Department, WGY’s “Upstate Unsolved” brings these cold cases into the spotlight in hopes of finding justice for these women.

The first episode of season two is out now with new episodes available each Thursday

LaFave said, “It’s our goal to bring these cold cases out from the shadows because, although time is running out, it’s still possible that someone knows something that can solve one or both of these murders. Everyone deserves to have their truths come to light and I hope season two of ‘Upstate Unsolved’ can help shine some light on the untimely deaths of these women.”