iHeart Adds Three More Shows


Already boasting over 400 shows in its library, iHeartRadio has added three more originals. The No-Sports Report, The Missionary, and Dear Governor.  Here are all the details on the three new shows…

  • The Missionary – Hosted and reported by journalists Rajiv Golla, Halima Gikandi and Malcolm Burnley, “The Missionary” tells the story of Renee Bach, a young missionary who left her life in America to start a malnutrition program in rural Uganda. Initially, Bach was praised for her work but this heroic reputation, however, was eventually obscured by one simple and deadly truth: Renee Bach had no medical training. The podcast dives into Bach’s story to figure out how this happened and whether or not it was a case of good intentions gone wrong—or something much more sadistic.
  • The No-Sports Report – Hosted by comedian, writer and producer Jensen Karp, the podcast features “fireside” chats with athletes, coaches, commentators and legends from the sports world who—just like their fans—are desperately missing the games they love right now. Listeners can tune in to hear interviews with numerous sports legends, including Sugar Ray Leonard, Adam Rippon, Gavin Lux and Jay Williams.
  • Dear Governor – “Dear Governor” examines the story of Jarvis Jay Masters, a death row inmate at the San Quentin State Prison. Masters, a renowned Buddhist author, has steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced almost 30 years ago. Hosted by Emmy award-winning producer Corny Koehl, this podcast will share compelling new evidence that bolsters Masters’s claims of innocence.