iHeart Adds Three More Original Shows


The roster of iHeartRadio’s original podcasts continues to grow. Three more shows were added today bringing their total of originals to over 750. Here are all the details…

“The Gratitude Diaries”- Hosted by Janice Kaplan, the editor-in-chief of Parade, and national bestselling author of “The Gratitude Diaries,” the podcast, based on her book, launched this week and explores how gratitude can transform every aspect of a person’s life—from marriage and friendship to money and fitness. Throughout her career, Kaplan has used her talents as a popular speaker at conferences, conventions, and events around the country to inspire others. She has also worked with significant political figures like Barack Obama and other celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Matt Damon. Check out the new podcast today on iHeartRadio for a dose of gratitude.

“Popcorn Book Club”– This new show debuted this week and is hosted by Dana Schwartz, a television writer, journalist and author, host of “Noble Blood” and a couple of her friends, including journalist Jennifer Wright, actress Korama Danquah, comedian Tien Tran and producer Melissa Hunter. In each episode, Dana and her friends get together every week to discuss books. Check out this brand new podcast today on iHeartRadio.

“Gone Racin'”– Hosted by NASCAR superstar Brendan Gaughan and Jeff Mottley, the VP of communications for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, this show is perfect for anyone looking to bet on upcoming NASCAR races. In every episode, Gaughan and Mottley provide weekly insights and analysis for every race. Listen to “Gone Racin'” today for all the latest racing news and odds you need to know.


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