iHeart, Aaron Mahnke in Horror Partnership


iHeartMedia has announced the release of “Aaron Mahnke’s 13 Days of Halloween,” a new, original scripted podcast series starring Keegan-Michael Key. iHeartMedia will produce alongside horror studio Blumhouse and Aaron Mahnke.

In the 13 days leading up to Halloween, Blumhouse Television, iHeartMedia and its partners will bring a spooky world to life through an immersive audio experience, giving listeners a new daily story.

The series will be produced using binaural audio, an audio format that immerses listeners completely in the world of the haunted hotel with a three-dimensional auditory experience. Binaural audio simulates the way humans naturally hear, with detailed soundscapes that have a sense of distance and position relative to the listener, providing a virtual reality experience in audio.

Set in the purgatorial hotel “Hawthorne Manor” and hosted by the “caretaker” – voiced by Keegan-Michael Key – listeners play the role of the hotel’s latest guest, putting them at the center of a new terrifying tale. Episode stories will range from family haunts and doomsday scenarios, to neighborhood mysteries and more.

“Hawthorne Manor is a unique world and we’re so thrilled to be working with iHeartMedia and Aaron Mahnke to bring this sinister tale to life,” said Jeremy Gold, President of Blumhouse Television. “With people staying home this Halloween, we thought listeners would appreciate getting lost in this world with us and having a taste of the spooky spirit of this holiday.”



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