‘I Am NASCAR’ Takes Off


The weekly I AM ATHLETE podcast brings together elite athletes like Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson for candid weekly discussions and they announced a collaboration with NASCAR called I AM NASCAR that will also run weekly.

I AM NASCAR will feature interviews with top drivers and the first episode will debut Monday, May 10 with legendary driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. joining Marshall and the IAA crew. All of the I AM NASCAR episodes will debut and be available on the IAA YouTube Channel.

“This is a great opportunity for us to give IAA fans a look into a totally different area of the sports world and share our experiences on the racetrack,” said Marshall, who was approached by Earnhardt about the NASCAR focus after the IAA episode with Bubba Wallace. “We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what people would expect from our show. Diving into this new world is a great way to expand our audience and their perspectives. We really learned so much from being on the track and talking to these drivers about what it takes to do what they do. I can’t wait to keep exploring this world on IAA and beyond.”


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