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How To Make Your Guests Feel Special

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Those of you who host an interview show know how challenging it can be to find good guests week after week, and keep your audience engaged. How about that one great guest you had who shot your numbers up and had all your people talking? Were you thinking to yourself ‘how am I going to top that next week?’

Pacific Content’s Steve Pratt teamed up with Matt Sutton last week at Podcast Movement to discuss this very topic. The presentation they made focused on the marketing strategy for Facebook’s original podcast called Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection.

Pratt followed up that presentation with a column on Pacific Content. He came up with 5 ideas for a successful outreach strategy for your guests.

Never forget that your guests are doing you a huge service by appearing on your show Let guests know how grateful you are for their participation Personalize your thank you wherever you can Make it easy for guests to listen to their episode Make it easy for guests to share their episode

As you’ll see in Pratt’s piece Facebook puts a lot of time and money into promotional materials for guests. As a host with a limited budget some of the easy things you can do include sending a handwritten thank you note (not an e-mail) and thanking them on social media with a clip - and a tag - of their appearance from your show (hoping they will help push out your show).

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