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How to Make Text Into a Podcast

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Podcastle, the AI-powered audio content creation platform, announced the launch of new production tools to enable creators to convert text into podcasts and create audio content from video, voice, and text.

They say they have more than 100,000 active users. Some of their other AI-powered features include:  noise cancellation, audio correction, and audio editing via text edits.

“Everyone has something important to say. Our goal is to remove barriers so that people can focus on creating interesting content and not have to worry about complex or expensive software to do it,” said Artavazd Yeritsyan, founder and CEO of Podcastle. “Although many tools have come onto the market for photo and video editing, audio technologies have been less accessible. We believe that audio will continue to be one of the fastest-growing and influential categories in storytelling.”

Podcastle is available for free and as a subscription. The basic Storyteller package costs $11.99 per month. Podcastle Pro costs $23.99 per month. To learn more, visit

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