How To Design A Podcast SEO Strategy


SEO is often overlooked by podcasters, especially folks new to the space. Search Engine Optimization is important to bring more traffic and visibility. It helps with search engines, app search, and social media.

At Podcast Movement’s Evolutions conference in Los Angeles Thursday, NPR Podcast Audience Strategist Ainsly Rossitto pointed out the new search bar for podcast from Google. These show up when you search by podcast, topic. “This is great because we turn people interested in a topic and turn them into podcast listeners.”

So how do you maximize that. Having a website for your podcast is important. If you have a website Rossitto suggests,” Optimizing your on-page web content beyond transcripts and episode notes, so it’s search friendly and competitive.” Things to think about for this are:

  • URL Structure
  • Word Count
  • Paragraph Length
  • Tone
  • Title tags
  • Images

You should also optimize your episode titles and descriptions by using target keywords as well as semantic keywords.”

Also some suggestions are using Google trends to see when the best day is publish your podcast, compare topic trends over time. You can also use them to create content for things people are searching for. Ainsly says it’s also important to remember your past episodes, especially if they are evergreen.”


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