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How One Man Battled the Mexican Drug Cartels

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FOX News Audio released 10-episodes on July 12th of their recently launched FOX News Investigates long-form podcast series Alchemy of Violence: Narcos, Reapers and Survival on the newly released subscription-based platform FOX News Podcasts+.

The series is hosted by FOX Nation host and former Staff Sargent Johnny Joey Jones about former Mexican parliamentary law enforcement officer Ed Calderon’s face-to-face battle with drug cartels. The first episode “Birth of a Reaper” is available free and the rest require a Fox News+ subscription on Apple Podcasts.

Here’s a synopsis of the episodes:

Episode 1 Birth of a Reaper: Meet Ed Calderon, a former paramilitary law enforcement officer from Mexico who acquired a set of unique survival skills during a career of confronting drug cartels.

**Episode 2 Plata O Plomo: **A bribe or death.

**Episode 3 The Making of a (Narco) “Saint”: **Calderon gets a little inspiration from “Santa Muerte,” aka “the Holy Death.”

**Episode 4 Journey of a Reaper: **Calderon runs for his life, literally, when his new bosses ask him to start targeting one cartel and ignoring the others.

Episode 5 Disciple of a Teenage Escape Artist: How Calderon learned to become an escape artist as a teenager.

**Episode 6 Who Has Ever Been in an Abduction Situation Before: **Calderon uses the skills he acquired working anti-abduction details for Mexican government officials to helptrain others.

**Episode 7 Criminally Sources Expression of Love: **What Calderon has learned from his students.

Episode 8 Stillness is Death: Why Calderon needed to stay on the move to survive.

**Episode 9 What is a Knife Good For: **Calderon talks about the importance of learning knife skills for survival.

**Episode 10 A Little Bit Quiet: **After years of trauma Calderon began to experience a prescription drug problem.

Episode 11 Ask Me About the Rooster: The story ends with the tale of a fighting rooster who lived to see the after-life.

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