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How Many Podcasters Would Do This?

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How confident are you in your show or network to spend a big chunk of change to promote them? Sheletta Brundidge from is plastering her podcast on billboards all over the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.

In honor of Small Business Week Sheletta is running 5 digital billboards around town to promote, her podcasting platform

The billboards started running today. She has one in the downtown area, right across from the football stadium where the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings play.

Shelletta tells PBJ she wants to inspire other women, especially in communities of color, to start their own business. “What if 10 other women who look like me see them and decide to start their own company or podcast . Man you can’t put a price on that.”

Here is what the billboards look like:


Charmyra E. Fleming -

I actually know of a podcast in the Baltimore, MD area that does the same thing. It’s actually not very expensive at all, or, maybe should say, it is at least affordable to do in terms of advertising. However, it depends on your budget and how you would like to reach your potential audience. It’s a great tactic for podcasters to use, if you’re willing to make the investment.

#### [Robert Crandall]( "") -

Go for it.

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