How Many Downloads Might Make You Money?


On episode #184 of The Feed, Libsyn VP of Podcaster Relations Rob Walch unveiled the latest stats for podcasting for the month of November. 6.2% of the podcasts on Libsyn had more than 5,000 downloads for the month of November. 5,000 is typically the threshold for advertisers to start spending money with a particular show.

More from Rob on downloads. He says if your episodes are getting over 125 downloads you’re doing better than half the shows in the Libsyn library.

If you’re getting more than 1,000 downloads you’re better than 80%, more than 2,900, you’re better than 90%, more than 6,600 downloads you’re better than 95% and more than 17,000 downloads you are doing better than 98% of the other shows (in the Libsyn library).


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