Blogging & Podcasting Are Very Similar


(By Danielle Desir) One of the things that I appreciate about podcasting is that it reminds me of blogging. As an avid blogger who has been blogging for almost four years now, I quickly realized that blogging is one of the many skill sets that I can leverage as a podcaster.

My travel finance show, The Thought Card, is a healthy mix of interviews and increasingly solo-casts where listeners tune in to learn about specific topics as they relate to financially savvy travel and money. 

While I prep for interviews with a series of questions and craft a narrative, my solo-cast episodes are primarily script-based. These scripts double up as show notes which are essentially abbreviated blog posts.

Now although this workflow is time consuming it’s time well spent in my book, and here’s why. 

Since I put a lot of energy into creating a script, I already have the majority of my show notes ready. I might have to delete a few things here and there to prevent giving it all away to potential listeners and add keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), but the bulk of the work is already done.

I can then go on and repurpose this content to serve as an episode description on my hosting platform and other podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts. I can even reuse the content when I’m creating my weekly newsletter or when I share the episode on social media.

Although lots of podcasters struggle with creating show notes consistently, this is not something that I struggle with because my show notes are blog posts for my podcast, and by planning ahead I’m able to reuse my content again and again.

Why are show notes important? 

Show notes are important because not only do they provide SEO value, which helps your podcast get found on Google and other search engines, but you can also share out the link to each episode which can drive traffic to your website. And if you add share buttons, your listeners can potentially share your episodes on social media, which helps promote your show. 

Show notes can also pique curiosity, drive interest, and summarize the key takeaways of an episode. I’ve also found that it helps me clarify my message and build my brand. 

For me it’s not “blogging vs. podcasting” — it’s actually blogging and podcasting. With that being said, if you’re a blogger who is on the fence about starting a podcast, know that you have the skills to successfully start a podcast and gain exposure quickly.

Additional Resources

Some of my favorite podcasts about blogging include ProBlogger, Blogging Your Passion, and Do You Even Blog?  


  1. Great stuff Danielle – I’ve only been podcasting for about 18 months, and found having a website with a blog post about each guest would serve double-duty – as the post and the show notes! I have a loose question list from which I guide the live podcast conversation. When I go back to edit, I make my notes for the blog. Because I’m in the conversation when it’s happening, I find doing the editing allows me to hear the conversation with fresh ears. Thanks for your insight.

    • Exactly Dawn! You can add as much insights as you want, even extras that you didn’t get to mention on the show for additional reading! Thanks again for reading this article.

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