Here’s An Idea That Will Help Podcasting Grow


Thank you to Taylor Wagener for sharing this killer idea about what he’s doing to spread the gospel about this great industry. And, if we all did more of what Taylor’s doing, we’d be playing our part to elevate the awareness of podcasting and grow listenership.

Back in the old days, local audio listeners would go anywhere to see their favorite local radio DJ broadcast live from an event or local business. As voicetracking has taken over the radio industry, and radio station remotes are reduced to a card table and a few t-shirt giveaways, they have pretty much lost their shine and are often thrown in as a bonus to grab a local ad buy.

Podcasters can fill that void.

Remotes are all about show business. People are attracted to a professional-looking setup with nice signage, mic flags, and friendly hosts willing to engage with the them. And, podcasters are creating those new and exciting live broadcasts. Some are even getting paid for their live events (see Joe Rogan).

Taylor tells PBJ that he’ll be hosting his podcast  Sensible People live along with two other Chicago area podcasts, Alternative Facts Chicago and A Brew With You. 

Taylor says doing a live show is an experience he thinks most serious podcasters should consider. “There is a demand from our fans and we can provide value in the form of live laughter, and I think bars, comedy clubs, etc. are seeking new ideas that can help fill their rooms and sell food and beverages. For us it gives us exposure to more potential listeners and some additional revenue to put back into marketing. And it’s going to be fun.”

The Chicago event is being held at the SafeHouse, which is a spy-themed nightclub. And perhaps the most important aspect of this great idea is that the proceeds from the event will be given to Ronald McDonald House.

Taylor tells PBJ Safehouse was looking to get into the podcast space and reached out to Alternative Facts Chicago to see if they were interested in doing a live show. “We connected with Alt Facts last year and had them on our show in-studio to kick off our second season in August. We stayed in touch and discussed future collaboration opportunities and when this popped up it was a perfect chance for us to make that happen.”

Alternative Facts Chicago is Chicago’s number one podcast focusing on everything Chicago: music, sports, entertainment, reality TV, and politics.

Sensible People brings you your bi-weekly dose of outrageous observational comedy and life advice.

A Brew With You is a weekly podcast where Blake and Jeff try a new beer while discussing random topics.

For more information about the event GO HERE, and if you’re planning a live event for your show, we want to hear about it. Send all the details to

Taylor is hoping for 80-100 ticketed attendees.