Here Are Some Interesting Podcast Stats


If you care about quirky podcast stats, a company called Preply has released a few stats after analyzing Google trends about podcasts. Preply took a close look at transcripts from the 15 most popular podcasts in America to learn more about their speech patterns and favorite topics of conversation. Here’s what they say they discovered…

According to Preply’s research, Impulsive with Logan Paul is the most-searched podcast in the U.S. and #1 in nine states, followed by H3, Call Her Daddy, and the Joe Rogan Experience.
– The top three words American podcasters use: are “states,” “crazy,” and “family.”
– Liberal podcasters embrace words like “weird,” “different” and “online.”
– Conservative podcasters favor words like “money,” “president” and “inflation.”

You can check out Preply’s full report HERE.


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