He Launched To Tell Neighborhood Stories of Hope and Change


6ABC in Philadelphia reports on a Philadelphia man who grew tired of all the negative news on television and made a podcast to tell positive stories with stories on things like random acts of kindness, and haircuts for the homeless.

Jonathan Rosario was born and raised in North Philadelphia and spoke to 6ABC about “hard things”. “Anybody who grew up in Philly, especially North Philly, you know it’s a hard place, you hear a lot of the things going on,” Rosario said. So he decided to make a podcast called Limelight Highlight to focus on people that are fixing neighborhood problems.

“Why not highlight the people coming up with those solutions? If you have bad news always coming at you, you feel like nothing is good in the world, and you just kind of amplify that negativity. But if you see that there are positive people out there doing positive things, it gives you a ray of sunshine or a ray of hope,” says Rosario.

“I hope that it just inspires people to go out and be a part of something bigger. There are people out there who are actually doing the work to make the world a better place,” said Rosario.

Limelight Highlight is a weekly podcast with new episodes every Tuesday.


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