He Launched To Show He Could Do It


Nicolas Perez of Miami is one of the world’s youngest podcasters. In his weekly show NicoCast, he interviews major YouTube and Tik-Tok influencers, and some actors and business owners as well.

He saw the article we wrote about 12-year old Jared and says, “I’m a few months older than Jared, plus I started almost 1 year ago!”

He started podcasting because he saw one of his friends interview a professional soccer player and thought, “I can do that.”

He’s run his own YouTube channel by himself since before he was six. “Basically I’m self-taught,” he says.

He says that something he has learned is that “your favorite YouTubers/influencers are real people hahahha and that they are very nice.”

“Every time I do a podcast it makes my day!” he adds.


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