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He Launched to Save His Business

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The global pandemic affected all of us in one way or the other, and for Jon Fontane, the near shutdown of his trade show organizing business forced him to respond to a changing world and start a podcast.

Here’s Jon Fontane in his own words on why he launched the Prepare. Respond. Recover. Podcast

In early 2020, I was working as an event director for one of the leading trade show organizers in the world.  Then the world and tradeshows shut down. My position within the organization was unique in that I solely worked on “launch” or new events. With the global shutdown, the events I had started went away, maybe even for good, in cost-cutting efforts.

One event survived, a business-to-business event called the Natural Disaster & Emergency Management Expo.  It survived because it was certainly timely in the midst of a global pandemic and because it would take place as an event within an event to cut production costs.

The problem was, we needed a digital component to build the brand, but we had no existing base of attendees or brands to do this with.  This was the genesis of _Prepare. Respond. Recover. _ With the help of a veteran emergency management podcaster, Todd De Voe, we launched in October and now have 10 episodes. The style is unique, we record our conversations, edit, and then write a script to do pick ups. We tell stories and avoid technical discussions.

Here’s what their website says about the show:

Where safety and security meet. The prepare. respond. recover. podcast features industry experts talking about the tools you need to make your organization more secure and resilient, all while minimizing operational disruptions and ensuring public safety in this ever-changing world.

Join host Todd De Voe as he and his guests discuss how to stay secure and resilient all while maintaining operational continuity and ensuring public safety in this ever-changing world.

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