He Launched To Help Minorities Succeed


Steve Worthy says he helps his black and minority listeners with their leadership journey by unlocking their potential and providing actionable takeaways they can implement after each episode. He does it all by discussing diversity, leadership and executive coaching. Here’s Steve’s story…

PBJ: Why did you launch?
Steve Worthy: Passion for the medium. I did radio in college and bit in NYC after college. From 2006-2009, I hosted a Blog Talk Radio show geared towards Husbands/Fathers that were also entrepreneurs. So, the podcast idea came about 2-3 years ago, but a bad case of Imposter Syndrome paralyzed me. However, my mentor encouraged me to start it after I launched my Executive Coaching Firm. I must say it’s been the best decision I’ve made.

PBJ: Where are you getting your guests/content from?
Steve Worthy: I’m pretty selective about the guests. Typically, from relationships that I’ve cultivated over my career. Also, I conduct organizational workshops, so I’ve begun to conduct testimonial episodes that tie into my business. I leverage my 25 years of business experience, current leadership and personal development trends, client issues that may address a broader market and from our community of listeners.

PBJ: What’s your biggest challenge?
Steve Worthy: Initially, it was editing my podcast, but I found a good editor. However, I’m thinking of leveling-up my podcast with a Rodecaster pro, where I can do a complete episode and allow Buzzsprout to do the mastering before I upload. This way I can batch episodes. I’ve also done several video podcasts that I’ve turned into audio. However, I want to use the videos in the marketing of my podcast, on my website, and on YouTube. I have not shored up a video editor to assist me with that as of yet.

PBJ: How are you getting the word out?
Steve Worthy: FB Groups, marketing on social media platforms and guest appearances on other podcasts. To date, I have four podcast guest appearances. I leverage their professional and social media audiences. I provide them with audio clips and artwork for promotion. But I need to level-up with video clips and use Headliner for the audio text clips.

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