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Glassbox Adds 3 More Shows

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Glassbox Media, has announced today a new slate of original podcast shows which have helped it surpass over 7 million monthly downloads. The new slate contains three new shows.

“Joining Glassbox has been like joining a family and a team all at once. Yes, they’re a business, and that means they’ve got to turn a profit to survive, but they don’t operate like that’s their main focus because Glassbox is smart enough to know it can’t be,” says Tanner Campbell. “They’ll succeed if we creators succeed, and they know that, so they put their entire focus into making sure we have what we need. They’re a dream to work with, they understand the medium and the creative drive of podcasters, and I don’t think there’s a better network currently out there.” 

Another show is The God Pod which provides commentary on recent events from the perspective of the creator of the universe. With 415,000 monthly downloads, the show is saddled with satire and comedy, and makes such a case for atheism that its host has been doxxed on 4chan and now hides his identity to keep safe from death threats.

Hosted by Jeff Dwoskin—who has been described as “The Midwest Lounge Letterman,” Classic Conversation is the third show on the network’s slate, raking in 230,000 monthly downloads. The podcast comprises a series of interviews with popular entertainers who talk about their careers and share some insights into their lives away from the spotlight.

“Our core mission is to help creators succeed and ultimately grow the value of their show catalog and IP, says David Segura, CEO & Co-Founder of Glassbox. We remain deeply invested in their growth and will continue to do all we can to help them succeed.” 

Glassbox Media has also announced the appointment of Ed DeLeon as its new Chief Operating Officer. A graduate of the University of Chicago—Ed previously served as CFO at Iris Telehealth and also at Giant Media after building his early banking experience at JPMorgan and the NY Fed.

Speaking more on the company’s ambitions, the CEO & Co-founder of Glassbox, David Segura, has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to fueling the creator economy by providing development funds to grow the value of original IP for Creators. Before joining Glassbox, David previously founded Giant Media, where he also served as the CEO from launch through acquisition. Chris Whitman,the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Glassbox previously worked with David at Giant Media and possesses a wealth of experience in developing strategic partnerships with top brands such as L’Oreal, Bank of America, Mondelez, etc.

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