Gimlet Employees Join Union


Following the sale of the company to Spotify, the 83 employees of Gimlet are joining the union. A Gimlet organizing committee tells Buzzfeed that employees are joining the Writers Guild of America, East.

Here’s what the organizing committee says: “As Spotify’s reported $230 million acquisition of Gimlet makes clear, however, Gimlet is no longer the small, scrappy operation memorably documented on the first season of ​StartUp. Our union is an expression of passion for what we do, and a proactive effort to work with management to shape the future of the company. It’s important for us to solidify the things that make Gimlet a great place to work, and to address whatever issues may arise.”

Buzzfeed reports that Gimlet employees plan to focus on fair treatment of contractors, workplace diversity, employee intellectual property, and transparency around pay, promotions, and termination.

75% of the employees have signed union cards and Buzzfeed reports that they are “asking management to voluntarily recognize their union, which they say will include content creation roles such as producers, engineers, reporters, and hosts on both the branded and editorial sides of the company. The union will not include managers or sales and marketing staff.”


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