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Ghost Stories Become Hit Stories

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The co-host of the And That’s Why We Drink podcast, Em Schultz, grew up in Fredericksburg and said every house had its own ghost stories which combined with a fascination with true crime forms the core of a podcast with over 80 million downloads.

Schultz met Christine Schiefer in college and after becoming friends they realized they shared a love of true crime and ghost stories and gradually the show became a hit after launching in February 2017.

They recently won a People’s Voice Webby award for best comedy podcast and reached their 200th episode.

The pair report that they no longer say the name of a pair of haunted dolls from one story after people started to get sick and other strange things were happening.

“Our entire audio got erased and we couldn’t recover the digital files,” she said. “We’re now very careful using their names.”

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