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Get Your Legal House in Order

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

What if getting the “legal stuff” for your podcast was fast, easy and do-it-yourself-able? Join The Podcast Lawyer¬†Gordon Firemark for a free online workshop where he’ll show you a simple series of do-it-yourself steps you can take to make sure your podcast is protected and positioned for fantastic growth and success.

Attendees will learn: * The 3 prerequisites to truly professional results as a podcaster; * 4 essential components to a solid, professional, businesslike approach to podcasting (or any entrepreneurial activity); * 3 big mistakes podcasters make that hold them back from easy growth and success; and, * How to quickly and easily get their business and legal affairs in order (without hiring expensive attorneys)

The event will be held August 16, 2022, 9am PDT


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