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(By Larry Roberts) If you’re new to the idea of a one sheet or a media kit, that’s perfectly understandable. While common in the speaking and entertainment industry, they are often overlooked in the podcasting space.

With the emergence of podcast booking agencies, the one sheets that you do find tend to be carbon copies of the same, generic layout. You’ve probably seen at least one, with a bland geometric background, using the same bright neon colors with a headshot as the focal point followed by a wall of text.

While this is considered the industry standard, a custom one sheet could be exactly what you need to stand out in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace. Podcasts are a form of edutainment, and getting your credentials noticed can be critical to your success in getting consistently booked. Depending on the purpose it serves, a one sheet will often contain a variety of information about its subject. Using a combination of images and text, one sheets can serve as a way to introduce a potential guests to a podcast host.

A one sheet can also be used as a way to pitch your show to a publicist of a potential guest. Many corporate or celebrity guests are extremely difficult to secure; however, setting yourself apart from other requests with a visual resume could be the difference you need to land your next amazing guest.

Regardless of how you use your one sheet, there are certain elements that you should not overlook. Some common elements found on a one-sheet can include: - Headshot - Bio - Additional Photos - Company Logo/Podcast Cover Art - Subjects of Expertise - Industry Affiliations/Contributions/Awards - Other Notable Appearances - Contact Information/Social Media Let’s take a closer look at each of the elements I mentioned above. While they may seem self-explanatory, keep in mind, we’re not talking about your average one sheet. We’re talking about separating ourselves from the pack. To do that, we’re going to need to go slightly unconventional with our approach.

Headshot, or Better yet…

How many times have you been told you need a professional headshot? How many times have you looked at a headshot and then instantly forgot about it? That is exactly what we want to avoid! Instead of that bland and dated strip mall photographer headshot, choose a high resolution, dynamic selfie or impromptu snapshot. You want something that captures your personality and the style of your custom one sheet.


Here is where you have the opportunity to tell your story. Using short, insightful sentences, your bio should describe who you are and why you would be a great fit for their show or client. This is an opportunity to show some personality, so don’t hesitate to be a bit expressive when describing why you and your story or subject matter expertise would be a value added benefit.

Additional Photos

Additional photos can also be used to highlight your personality. A small collage of yourself on stage, in your element or with celebrities that compliment your story are all eye catching ways to lend additional credibility to your story.

Company Logo/Podcast Cover Art

Here is another opportunity for you to outshine the competition. I can’t stress enough that as podcasts continue to gain popularity, the competition is getting fierce. While company logos are par for the course, your podcast cover art is another extension of you, your brand and your personality. Well designed cover art can also provide that additional layer of credibility and insight to demonstrate why you are the next exciting guest or host.

Subjects of Expertise

In this section, there are a number of ways you can highlight your expertise in your niche. A three to five line, bulleted list of topics is a quick and informative way to grab someone’s attention and reinforce your story or brand. With the goal of giving the reader a quick reference of your value and benefit to their audience, don’t hesitate to include a bit of flair in your descriptions.

Industry Affiliations/Contributions/Awards

Once again, it’s important to quickly set yourself apart and establish credibility, and one of the best ways to do this is to feature industry or even personal accomplishments. Have you written a book? Have you authored an online course? Maybe you were recognized by your local small business administration. Whatever it may be, be sure to highlight it. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and have a little swagger, you’ve earned it. You want your confidence in yourself and your message to come through in a finely tuned paragraph or list.

Other Notable Appearances

If you have been on other podcasts, radio shows or even television, you may want to include those appearances as reference material for your interview style. This not only allows you to demonstrate your proficiency being a guest, it also allows the host to get to know you. Be sure that any references you provide show you in your element and demonstrates the qualities that set you apart from other typical guests.

Contact Information/Social Media

This brings us to what is arguably the most important section of your one sheet, your contact information. It doesn’t matter how exciting you are, if you are difficult to contact, hosts will quickly forget about your outstanding one sheet and bold style. It’s highly recommended that you include your social media accounts as well. Some will include their follower counts on each platform. But, I recommend against that unless you have a significant number of followers. What that number may be will depend on your niche and audience.


Throughout this article I’ve stressed the importance of being unique, being genuine and setting yourself apart from others. When done correctly, a custom one sheet accomplishes all of this and more. If you have that artistic eye, there are a number of resources online where you can design your own masterpiece. But, if you struggle a bit with artistic creativity and execution, you will want to reach out at a professional designer. Remember, this is your visual resume and you want it to inspire and motivate others to have a desire to talk and listen to you. Only then can you share that story that inspires and motivates you each and every day.

Larry Roberts is the Host of the Readily Random Podcast, and author of online podcasting course, “1+1 = Podcast”. He can be reached by e-mail at

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