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Gates Foundation Podcast Wants You To Care

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced the launch of a new podcast series, Make Me Care About. Hosted by bestselling author Jen Hatmaker, the podcast will feature guests from around the world working to solve global issues.

The first of 13 episodes is now available, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. Topics will cover various challenges, such as maternal mortality, iodized salt, ninth-grade development, malaria, toilets, and malnutrition. The foundation’s grantees and employees will be featured on the podcast.

“I love to share inspiring stories, so I’m excited to be partnering with the Gates Foundation on the Make Me Care About podcast,” said Hatmaker. “Every episode is a real opportunity to connect with some of the most remarkable people the foundation works with. Together, we’ll investigate the deeply important and impactful topics that often get little attention and explore the stories behind some of the most innovative solutions helping us all to live, grow, and thrive.”

“These days, it can be hard to feel hopeful when you check in with your newsfeed,” said Chloe Louvouezo, senior content producer at the Gates Foundation. “This podcast aims to change that. It dives into fascinating developments that don’t often show up in the news. It gives people a way to relate to issues that may feel far away and to consider their role in helping others, both in their community and around the world.”

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