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Gaming Podcast Launches

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Podcast production agency Podcamp Media has released a new podcast called PixelSmiths. The new show pairs South Korea-based eSports commentator **Clinton “Paperthin” Bader **with Midwest gamer and podcast producer Larry Kilgore III.

PixelSmiths is a platform for celebrating the indie video game developers who create some of the best titles on the market.

“In the professional eSports industry, most of the buzz is around the games themselves or the best players and teams,” Bader said. “But a lot of the time, the actual video game creators themselves fall into the background, and may not get recognized for their vision and creativity.”

“We really believe that video games are an art form,” said Kilgore, a UW-Madison graduate. “That’s why we launched this podcast. Musicians and film directors are celebrated for their talent and their contributions to the entertainment industry. Why shouldn’t video game developers have a platform to share their stories and their creativity with the world?”

New episodes will be released monthly, celebrating a new designer or team from around the globe in each edition. PixelSmiths is available for free on every major podcast platform.


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