Forbes Writer Tests iHeart Engine


Forbes Contributor Joshua Dudley, who writes specifically about Podcasts, tested iHeartRadio’s new podcast recommendation engine which is designed to push podcasts to users based on their music or morning show listening preferences.

Dudley points out that the iHeart engine “uses predictive modeling that recognizes there are different groupings and different clusters of people who listen to certain types of music at a certain type of day and their data points track well enough to recommend a podcast to them with a high degree of certainty that they’re going to like it. The modeling is based on taste profiles and user behavior inclusive of podcast listening and exclusive of podcast listening meaning you don’t have to listen to podcasts to have one recommended to you.”

After putting the iHeart engine through his test Dudley graded it a B+ “because even though they didn’t introduce me to new podcasts or do as deep a dive as I had hoped, it did get me to listen to podcasts that I really enjoyed.”

Check out Dudley’s Forbes piece HERE


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