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Fool Flagship Going Daily

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The Motley Fool announced on Tuesday that Motley Fool Money, The Fool’s weekly flagship podcast founded in 2009, will now air new episodes seven days a week. The show had been weekly.

Weekday episodes will focus on analyzing the companies making headlines, bringing a long-term perspective to daily market news, and putting new stock ideas on the audience’s radar. Weekend episodes will feature interviews with special guests and conversations about investing styles, strategies, and psychology.

“More than ever people are focused on how to achieve financial independence, and we’re excited to provide programming that’s relevant to everyone on the investing spectrum,” said Chris Hill, head of podcast strategy at The Motley Fool and Host of Motley Fool Money. “Gen Xers are thinking about how to retire, Millennials are entering their 40s, and more members of Gen Z are starting to invest every month. Motley Fool Money is going to be a resource for all of them, seven days a week.”

In January 2010, Motley Fool Money became the first podcast to make the leap to broadcast radio and will continue to air every weekend on more than 70 affiliate stations across America.

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