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'FOGO' Returns for Season 2

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Spotify’s Fear of Going Outside podcast is returning for a second season later in February.

The nature show sees host Ivy Le in outdoorsy situations that go way beyond her comfort zone. Last year, Le conquered camping; this year, she’s going to try her hand at hunting.

“I’m a nature show host you can trust. I’m not going to tell you something is majestic when it f–king sucks,” Le put it bluntly in a statement on Monday. “Terrible things happen to me when I go outside. I’ve gotten caught in a dust storm. I’ve nearly drowned several times. I’m allergic to cold air. And I have a great BS meter. It’s so satisfying when an interviewer asks the question that you were thinking next. That’s me. I ask the questions that indoor people want to know. I’m overcoming my fears to find out what’s so great about the outdoors, so you don’t have to.”

[caption id=“attachment_67881” align=“alignright” width=“300”] Ivy Le (Courtesy photo)[/caption]

This season, Le will appear on a Second Amendment-focused radio talk show and try to borrow a gun; beg and bribe a prospective mentor (in this case, Don Nguyen of the Discovery show Naked & Afraid) to take her hunting (which, again, she’s not too crazy about doing in the first place), track animals with teenage Girl Scouts and other shenanigans.

The first season of FOGO is available on Spotify and all popular podcast platforms; the second season takes flight February 13.

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