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Focus On Violence Against Women

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“Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler” is a companion podcast to the 20th Century Studios’ film “Boston Strangler”. The co-stars of the film are taking part in a special episode of an ABC Audio podcast “Start Here”, that focuses on the prevalence of violence against women and the reality of working mothers.

The film’s co-stars, Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon talk with host Brad Mielke about what drew them to the roles of real-life reporters Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole and why the story continues to captivate the public decades later. The episode also features a broader conversation on violence again women and the pursuit of work-life balance for working mothers.

“It’s quite an interesting narrative when you can’t blame the victim because, actually, the responsibility goes onto male violence. And what is that? And why aren’t we talking about male violence? Because when we talk about ‘violence against women,’ we miss [that it’s] male violence against women. And I find that interesting,” said Knightley.

“We are these women … women are watching [this movie] and realizing that the work-life balance struggle has always existed, has never been solved, and in fact has been compounded, I think, recently by some factors … So many women left the workforce during the pandemic because it was actually not possible to do what they’re talking about in that conversation: to find that balance,” added Coon.

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