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First Round of Sessions Released

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Podcast Movement has released its first round of sessions confirmed for Evolutions, which is being held March 23-26 in Los Angeles. Tracks for Creators and Podcast Professionals have been released. Here they are:

The Creator Track is catered to hobbyist and newer podcasters who are looking to grow/monetize their show and learn about the latest tools and tech.

The first round of Creator Track sessions are: All Together Now: Audio Drama with Ensemble Casts presented by Hannah Wright of Inn Between and Tal Minear of Sidequesting

DAWs for Dummies presented by Brad Colbroock of Holographic Voice Arts and Tal Minear of Sidequesting

From Podcast to Comic: One Podcast’s Adventures in Thinking Inside the Box presented by Shannon Perry of Oz 9

How To Interview To Get the Best Conversation Possible presented by Christine Blackburn of Story Worthy Media

How to Launch a Daily Podcast in 30 Days presented by Lindsay Graham of AIRSHIP

How to Use Instagram and Facebook Groups to Help Your Ideal Listeners Find You presented by Gillian Tietz of Sober Powered

Let’s Get Technical presented by Dan Hughley of Focusrite

Making A Big-Budget Show with Shoestring Funds presented by Tal Minear of Sidequesting

Podcast Partnerships: The Key to Podcast Growth presented by Lauren Passell of Tink Media (and Podcast the Newsletter)

The Art Of Booking Guests presented by Laura Cathcart Robbins of The Only One In The Room

The Essentials of a Podcast Website presented by Brenden Mulligan of Podpage

The Professional Podcaster Track is designed for experienced creators who are already making a living from their podcast or podcast business, or who are aspiring to do so.

The first round of Professional Podcaster Track sessions are: Brown Table Talks, South Asians in Podcasting presented by Ami Thakkar of Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar

Effectively Growing Your Podcast Listenership presented by Mike Wiston of mowMedia

Finding and Growing Your Audience Through Marketing and PR presented by PR and Strategic Communications Professional Meggan Ellingboe

Podcast Growth: Dark Truths of a Professional Podcast Growth Marketer presented by Sean Howard of Fable and Folly

The Power of Professional Niche Podcasting presented by Aaron Fritts of BackTable LLC

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Network presented by Matty Staudt of Amaze Media Labs

Register for Evolutions HERE.

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