Fired Radio Host Launches Podcast


Eric Zane, who was fired Friday from Cumulus’ WBBL in Grand Rapids, has launched a podcast. The Eric Zane Show Podcast began Sunday night. Zane plans to release his show as a morning show every weekday. He was hired by WBBL back in 2016 after he lost his job with The Free Beer and Wings syndicated show.

Zane tells MLive that he hopes to reach audiences via a bigger audience than his 18,000 followers on Twitter. He plans to keep the show the same as it was on radio. “The content is similar, but I swear a little more because I naturally do. Not lascivious, gross-natured stuff. I’m not into that. But If I need to punctuate a funny story with an f-bomb, I’m damn well going to do it.”

The show is free with additional options, including video content, available for $5 or $10 a month.