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Finding Your Podcast Voice

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(By Buzz Knight) We are in the midst of a renaissance for content creators. So many platforms for creativity. A wealth of options for experimentation. It’s possible to iterate and modify after evaluating what works and what doesn’t work. A/B testing if you will.

If you are a podcaster and you are climbing that mountain that is required to build an audience you must find your voice. It’s no different if you are a journalist seeking your best writing rhythm on Substack or Medium.

Same goes for a YouTuber, an Instagram influencer or someone creating via TikTok, it’s imperative of being cognizant to find your voice. On the highest level some would put that expedition akin to an athlete being in the “zone.” Ask an athlete about finding that magical place and they don’t know exactly how they found out, but they know it when they get there.

Much of finding that zone is about not overthinking it. It’s about harnessing your energy at the right place, the right time at the moment when it matters. If you are a podcaster trying to find your voice, try to begin with an open mind toward continuous improvement Not every moment you create will be perfection. Shoot for excellence but don’t be stuck on an error free environment.

Those that are doing a podcast by themselves have a different form of a challenge compared to those who have two or more people on their show. If you are that person you still are in need of evaluating whether you have found YOUR voice. Is it genuine? Authentic?

The podcast I do is called Takin A Walk where I interview people while takin a walk. I continue to work toward better content and improving the quality of what I do as a host. How can I cut to the core of a question more efficiently? How can I give the audience what they want? How can I best provide an environment where the guest can really shine when they tell their story?

Finding one’s voice is about keeping an ear to the ground of what regular people in everyday life are talking about whether it be at the local coffee shop or in passing as you are walking down the street.

To find your own voice you can’t be isolated from the real world.

Lastly, part of finding one’s voice is about having that confidence for experimentation that I spoke about earlier. Try new angles. Be bold and as always have fun with it Those are your quickest roads to finding your own voice.

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