Find Ways To Grow Your Podcast!


(By Thom Singer) Podcasts continue to get more attention and it seems everyone you know is launching a new show. But just because you publish a podcast with quality content there is no guarantee you will create a community of loyal listeners or a profitable business venture around your show.

A podcast audience determines the impact of your show. But too many people assume this will just happen and then they will monetize. You cannot start with these assumptions, or your podcast will frustrate you and you will abandon it within seven to 10 episodes.

In order to succeed, a podcaster needs to first build relationships with those who listen. You have to work to promote your podcast consistently to a target audience. Accept early that not everyone will listen to you, and that’s okay.

I asked Steve Olsher, host of the Reinvention Radio Podcast and the founder of the New Media Summit for his best advice for podcast growth.  Steve is an active member of the podcast community, and has a specific focus on helping other people become better podcast hosts and better podcast guests.

Steve says that if you want to grow your podcast you have to forget about the numbers. He has seen too many podcasters who obsess about the numbers become disappointed. “While growing an audience is the goal for many, if you live by the number of downloads you get from each episode you will be consistently in misery about the success of your show,” says Olsher.

He also suggests you have a clear focus on optimizing the relationships with each listener. “Speaking to one person as you talk, with a purpose of engagement and enlightenment, will help people become loyal and fanatical fans”. Olsher adds, “Those who love your show will ultimately drive others to listen.”

Remember, having a podcast does not equate to having a business. However, Olsher advises people to “define a profit path” and understand how to leverage the ‘business of podcasting.’”

Thom Singer is the host of The Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast.


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