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Fat Leonard Producers in 1st Amendment Battle

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A San Diego judge has ordered producers to turn over hours of unaired tapes that include interviews with the man known as “Fat Leonard.” The podcast is about a Navy bribery scandal that’s about to go to trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Janis Sammartino denied a motion by the podcast producers to quash the subpoena that was issued for the materials last month

The subpoena was issued by an attorney defending former Navy Capt. James Dolan, one of six naval officers who are going on trial on bribery charges next year.

Leonard Glenn Francis, known as Fat Leonard ran a company that serviced visiting Navy ships in ports across Southeast Asia. It’s alleged that, in exchange for proprietary ship information and navy contracts, Francis provided Navy service members with meals, hotel stays and prostitutes and overcharged the Navy by $35 million.

The companies were given one week by the judge to turn over the tapes.

The 9th and final episode of the podcat was recently released.

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