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Facebook Says "Podcasts are Coming"

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The rumors turned out to be true, and Facebook announced that “Podcasts are Coming to Facebook”. They introduced a dedicated podcasts tab and promised to help users with finding new shows and to allow creators to connect with listeners from the app as well.

They also announced live audio rooms, ie a direct competitor to Clubhouse, as well as an audio creation tool called Soundbites, and a “studio in your pocket.” It sounds likely that these other audio additions to Facebook could be integrated with their podcast section to create new live podcasts

The Facebook announcement follows a flood of podcasting news over the last year bringing big money and ease of use into the space which is dramatically boosting the traditionally incremental growth of the podcasting audience year over year.

Anchor, an app that allows people to record podcasts on their phone, grew dramatically during the pandemic, and that plus the fact that Samsung introduced a native podcast player to their phone market combined with the Facebook announcement can only spell growth for the industry as a whole.


Anastasia -

Nice to see that our business is growing. Listen to my s*x podcast, nr8 in the german charts: Kisses, Anastasia

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