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Facebook Reps On New Media Show Today

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Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee will interview two Facebook executives who focus on podcasting. You rarely hear or see Facebook representatives doing interviews, however, the social media giant is trying to compete in the podcast space these days. Here’s who Todd and Rob will have on the show today at 3PM…

Chelsea White, Product Manager at Facebook Chelsea White is the Product Manager for the Podcast Core Experience, and is responsible for the playback and listening experiences, as well as content discovery and distribution. Prior to this role, she was a Product Manager for Facebook’s Messenger web interfaces and before that, a Product Manager at IBM.

Irena Lam, Product Manager at Facebook Irena Lam is the Product Manager for the Podcast Creator Ecosystem at Facebook, and focuses specifically on Creator Experience, Podcaster Value, and Content Inventory.

You can watch or listen to The New Media Show HERE

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