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Facebook Podcasts Haven't Launched for Everyone

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Alban Brooke, the head of marketing at Buzzsprout, has been doing some digging into the supposed launch of podcasts by Facebook recently and it seems that podcasts on Facebook are available for some but not others.

Among his findings are that for a podcast to play on a Facebook page you have to see a “podcasts” tab and that being able to comment on a podcast is very valuable to some podcasters like Joe Rogan who have a YouTube portion of their podcasts and are missing that direct source of audience feedback. His final update was that the podcasts tab showed up on his Facebook page for Buzzsprout while he was not able to play any episodes.

I was unable to see the podcasts tab on the official Facebook Joe Budden Podcast page even though this was one of the named launch partners.

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