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Exactly Right Network Brings New Shows into the Fold

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The Exactly Right Podcast Network is bringing two existing shows to its network with The True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast and Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan, and Kate Winkler Dawson adds her companion chat show Wicked Words to Tenfold More Wicked.

The True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast joins Exactly Right on April 30th, and is hosted by millennial estheticians Elizabeth Taylor and Alix Shapiro who bring you inside their Brooklyn studio each week with fashion and beauty tips, friendship, and laughter.

“We’re creating a new narrative for female friendship and community by learning together, teaching each other, and celebrating one another,” says hosts Elizabeth Taylor and Alix Shapiro.

And beginning June 17,  Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan joins Exactly Right. The podcast host Dan Peters show is aimed at parents and children with diverse and timely discussions about raising happy and aware kids through mindfulness.

“We are thrilled that The True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast and Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan have found a new home at Exactly Right,” says Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. “And building on the success of her existing show, we’re excited to offer more from the talented Kate Winkler Dawson in Tenfold More Wicked Presents: Wicked Words.”

Then on Monday, May 17, Kate Winkler Dawson launches her new companion chat show, Wicked Words, to the Tenfold More Wicked feed. Tenfold More Wicked Presents: Wicked Words is a blend of narrative, nonfiction, true crime storytelling with in-depth interviewing; extending from the success of her historical true-crime show Tenfold More Wicked where Kate interviews journalists and writers about their best true crime cases.

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