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Evergreen Partners With IndustryPods

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Evergreen Podcasts announced they’ve partnered with IndustryPods, a B2B podcast production company. This deal will expand Evergreen Founder Joan Andrews’ vision of creating “a community of listeners who enjoy exploring and discussing the great works of our culture.”

Evergreen is a maker of original, branded, and partner podcasts, while IndustryPods records, edits, hosts, and distributes virtual and live conferences around the globe in a podcast format.

“Our mission is to deliver educational, informative, and inspiring new business content to a new and explosive market as companies and individuals look to connect virtually,” said Marc Honorof, CEO of IndustryPods.

“We have long believed that conferences can improve the influence and strength of their content by partnering with IndustryPods,” offered Michael DeAloia - CEO of Evergreen Podcasts, “And producing podcasts with content and information that has long been behind the paywall of the conference.”

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