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Double Elvis Going Local

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Double Elvis is launching a local audio network called Double Elvis’ LUST FOR LIVE which will consist of podcasts, live audio, video and voice-enabled micro content for different cities, informing listeners of live events and national and local acts through interviews, performances and curated recommendations.

LUST FOR LIVE will launch its first podcast in Boston (LISTEN TO THE TRAILER HERE) in February of 2022, with additional cities like New York and Los Angeles launching later in the year. Through LUST FOR LIVE: BOSTON, listeners will get an in-depth look at live, local music and culture events, helping them easily find fun new experiences while staying connected to their community. Each podcast will be helmed by a creator living in that city, ensuring strong insider recommendations and insights from a host embedded in the local scene.

Each LUST FOR LIVE episode will chronicle a detailed rundown of upcoming event highlights, and walk listeners through their city’s creative landscape with interviews from visiting national acts and local artists, exclusive live performances, arts and culture news, as well as syndicated content from other Double Elvis productions. The team promises to pack every show with valuable information that will actually help busy listeners figure out how to spend their time.

Jake Brennan, Co-Founder of Double Elvis and creator and host of DISGRACELAND says of LUST FOR LIVE, “Before digital completely disrupted print, my key to the city was the now mostly defunct ‘alt-weekly’. In my town of Boston, it was The Boston Phoenix. Every week it told me which bands were rolling through town that I had to hear, what movies to see, which records were coming out that week. Every city had their version of _The Phoenix. _Those solutions are either dead or don’t fit into our newly digitized attention spans. Through the power of audio, we are going to solve this problem.”

“At Double Elvis, we value music and storytelling as tools to entertain and propel creativity itself. LUST FOR LIVE will help us take this even further, by clearly and succinctly communicating information to listeners about events in their cities,” said Brady Sadler, Co-Founder of Double Elvis. “As the trend of local marketing within audio grows, LUST FOR LIVE will allow Double Elvis and our trusted local creators to grow with it, enabling us to deliver valuable impressions to brand partners.”

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