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Elizabeth Homes is Back!

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The former Theranos CEO’s trial begins August 31st and Three Uncanny Four Productions, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, have launched Bad Blood: The Final Chapter, which explores the rise and fall of Holmes.

The show is hosted by investigative journalist John Carreyon. The first two episodes are available now.

“Bad Blood: The Final Chapter” kicks off ahead of Holmes’ criminal trial, which begins August 31 in California. As Theranos’ leading expert, Carreyrou will give listeners a front row seat at the trial as it unfolds and provide insight into Holmes’ breathtaking story, her criminal defense, and the prosecution’s case. “Bad Blood: The Final Chapter” begins with an in-depth look at three of the trial’s biggest plot twists: Holmes’s pregnancy, her unusual and risky defense strategy; and the destruction of Theranos’s laboratory database.

“I’ve closely covered the Theranos saga for the past seven years dating back to when Elizabeth Holmes was hailed as the next Steve Jobs,” said host John Carreyrou. “Now with this podcast, I’m thrilled to put the entire story into context as Holmes finally faces justice for the fraud she allegedly perpetrated.”

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