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Downloads Down Due to Coronavirus

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Libsyn’s Rob Walch gave an update of podcasting stats on the latest episode of Libsyn’s The Feed podcast. He says when people ask how the pandemic has impacted downloads his answer is that there’s been a 14% to 15% decline in weekly downloads. The stats Walch gave were based on all 68,000 shows hosted on Libsyn.

All numbers in March were down compared to February, according to Walch, who expects another drop in April and believes the declines are due to the coronavirus crisis and are most likely temporary. The week of April 19th was the worst week for downloads according to Walch.

Here are some additional stats Walch gave out on the show:

These stats are based on episodes in Libsyn released during the month of March with downloads measured until the end of April. - The median number of downloads from March is 125, down from 130 a month earlier. - 6.6% of all downloads were in the 5K range or greater - If your episodes are getting 125 downloads or more you are better than half the shows. - If you are getting more than 1,000 downloads you are better than 80% of the shows. - More than 3,000 you are better than 90% - More than 18,000 you are better than 98%

Listen to the latest episode of The Feed HERE

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