Don’t You Want To Know “What Really Happened?”


Seven Bucks Productions, Andrew Jenks Entertainment, and Cadence13, on Tuesday launched the Season 2 premiere of their hit podcast series What Really Happened? The series, which reached number one on Apple’s top charts during its previous season, chronicles documentarian Andrew Jenks as he looks at famous figures and historical or widely-publicized events, while discovering untold stories and unraveling newfound narratives.

Chris Corcoran, CCO of Cadence13, is looking forward to bringing the podcast back for another round of interesting tales: “Jenks struck a chord last year by taking stories people think they know and turning them on their heads. His choice of topics plus captivating style of storytelling grips listeners and we are excited to hear people’s reactions to the new stories this season.”

Shows are available every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts which can be found here: