Get Show Transcripts Quickly?


A company called Trint has unveiled new features that make it possible for multiple users to collaborate in real-time on editing automated transcripts. Trint uses artificial intelligence to generate transcripts of recorded audio.

CEO Jeff Kofman created Trint in 2016 after spending 30 years as a war correspondent with ABC and CBS News, during which time he estimates he manually transcribed thousands of hours of interviews.

Since its launch, more than 250,000 users have transcribed and edited over 1.5 million audio/video files using Trint. The company’s podcasting clients include 99% Invisible, Freakonomics, The City, The Unladylike Podcast and Radio France, while it’s enterprise clients include The Associated Press, Vice News, Washington Post, and Der Spiegel.

With Trint’s new Collaboration tools, podcasts of any size can now use the Trint platform, the first to combine a text editor with an audio/video player, to simultaneously edit Trint’s machine-generated transcripts in minutes. Noting that the new features transform Trint transcripts into a “shared doc for the spoken word,” Kofman says colleagues can now leave a comment in a transcript about important soundbites and highlight the most valuable parts of a transcript. Transcripts can then be easily exported into a variety of formats for editing. Publishing a transcript with every episode is also an easy way for podcasts to boost SEO.

The CEO says “With the new Collaboration tools, Trint is going beyond automated transcription to enable podcast teams to work more efficiently, build on each other’s ideas, amplify creativity, and unlock more value in the spoken word.”