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Do You Miss The Brady Bunch?

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Podcast production company, Wynnefield Productions, has launched their first podcast. The Real Brady Bros, hosted by Barry Williams and Chris Knight of The Brady Bunch, launches February 1st.


The Brady story first unfolded in 1969, ran for five seasons on ABC, and now airs everyday all over the world. Barry and Chris will let listeners in on every nuance of what it was like back then, and what it’s like now being Bradys.

Wynnefield exec producer, Ed Mann, says, “There isn’t a day that goes by when something Brady doesn’t happen in the media, and with the interest in recaps in the podcast space rising , we wanted to find a new way to have fans understand the show and learn more about Chris, Barry and everyone associated with the program in as personal a way as possible. This podcast is it.”

Barry Williams said, “What a gas. These Brady episodic re-caps are fun and make me feel like a teenager. Family trust, communication, value lessons, and a good ol’ fashioned Mike Brady lecture… some things never go out of style. Doing The Real Brady Bros with Chris Knight is less like looking back and more like re-living it.”

Christopher Knight added, “After 50+ years of being a Brady you’d think there wouldn’t be anything new to discover. Yet with endless childhood memories baked into my experience performing the role of Peter and living as his avatar all these years, there is still so much there to explore and laugh over.”


Bruce Carlson -

Well that’s it know EVERYONE officially has a podcast :) I do think it’s a good thing. Pretty soon the podcast URL will go next to the street address on the resumes.

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