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'Dirty John' the Prequel Coming to Audible

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Before the events of Dirty John, John Meehan had an abusive ten-year marriage to Tonia Bales documented in the new Audible series The First Wife: John Meehan’s Reign of Terror launching July 22nd and narrated by Rachel Louise Snyder.

The 8-part series chronicles their journey from courtship to divorce with new never before released recordings of John and commentary from family members like his daughters Emily and Abby. At the end of each episode criminal behavioral analyst and international crime expert Laura Richards will talk with Tonia to go deeper about what happened.

Bales says “What happened to me is more common than people may think. I hope that listeners learn from my experience and are inspired to trust their gut instincts, be cautious with new relationships and recognize the red flags.”

Richards adds “This podcast features the long-awaited psychological autopsy and deep dive into the mind of John Meehan. New information and accounts from the people who knew John best bring us closer to the truth, answering crucial questions. Why did John make the choices that he did? What was the impetus for his coercive and controlling behavior? And, ultimately, was John Meehan a psychopath?”

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