Dating Podcast Digs Deeper


Following the launch of their How to Build a Dating App podcast in June, marketing and tech development agency the NeverWhatIf Group have released a special mini-series interviewing a former Dragons’ Den contestant, titled Secrets of a Dragon Slayer.

How to Build a Dating App chronicles the journey of a group of marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app.

Michael Hurcum, NWI Marketing Manager and podcast producer, said: “During the first season of the podcast we focused on investigating the current dating landscape and online dating trends, speaking to industry experts about their experiences creating and working with dating apps. That’s how we first spoke with John — he was our first-ever guest, and whilst he gave us some fantastic insight and advice, we felt that we didn’t get to talk about his appearance on Dragons’ Den and how it impacted him and his company, as much as we wanted to. So we’re really pleased to release these three Dragon Slayer episodes to wrap up our first season of the show.”

How To Build A Dating App has been downloaded in 35 countries since its launch, and is available for free on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn. You can find out more at