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Podcast creation

Podcast creation

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The Podcast Index produces daily data about podcasting. It reports that there are x,xxx,xxx podcasts in its directory, with a total of xxx,xxx,xxx podcast episodes (an average of xx.x episodes per show).

Spotify has more podcasts in its directory (since it includes many Spotify for Podcasters shows which aren’t available elsewhere); Apple Podcasts has fewer (since not every podcast adds a listing there).

Active podcasts

A helpful number to understand the amount of podcasts being created is the total number of “active podcasts”: these are podcasts that still are being updated and therefore actively marketing themselves. If you are making shows, you might consider this number to be your competition, rather than the big number above.

  • Total podcasts updated in the last week: xxx,xxx -
  • Total podcasts updated in the last 30 days: xxx,xxx -

Total podcast episodes posted recently

  • New episodes in the last week: xxx,xxx -
  • New episodes in the last 30 days: x,xxx,xxx -

On average last month, there was a new podcast episode posted every x.x seconds.

Active podcast trend

Is the number of active podcasts increasing, or decreasing? This graph shows total podcasts that have been updated in the past 30 days.

This is one of a number of planned pages focusing on statistics about podcasting. We’d appreciate your feedback as to other data you would like to see.

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