Dahl Moving Forward Without Cumulus


Legendary Chicago radio host Steve Dahl tells PBJ he’ll continue to host his subscription based daily podcast (www.dahl.com) after Cumulus ended its partnership him. Dahl is one of the few radio hosts that makes a living from charging listeners for his daily show.

Two months ago Cumulus dropped Dahl from WLS-AM. This week the partnership for the podcast will also come to an end.

Dahl says he’s picked up a lot of new subscribers since leaving WLS and having a partnership with Cumulus for the podcast didn’t make sense for either party any more.

Dahl has been hosting a podcast since 2011. He charges $10.95 per month for listeners to subscribe. The show is five days a week and Dahl co-hosts it with Dag Juhlin and Brendan Greeley.