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Curry: We Are Not Building a Platform

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I now understand the problem. Thank you for clarifying.

Ed sees us as building a “platform” Fundamentally not what we are doing.

Hundreds of thousand of feeds have 2.0 features, thanks to hosting companies like buzzsprout and who understand this is the decades awaited enhancements to podcasting. Entire working groups were formed and disbanded over the last decade who never published a lick of working code.

Over 15 apps support these enhancements. See

That is our story.

The elephant in the room is the general view that without a “big player” i.e Spotify Apple, Google or Amazon, it’s just a waste of time and we need to be a YouTube, or Mark Cuban to get real traction in the “industry”.

The podcasting 2.0 project has created the Podcast Standard. It is well documented ( and implemented globally.

We do all this with no funding, we are a value 4 value open collaboration. Everyone has a day job. No one gets paid. Everyone is doing it for the necessity of enhancing podcasting. And yes, I expect the same from the for profit companies that cover and report on the ‘industry’

This project is as much for apps as it is for hosting companies. Several big players in this industry are implementing the Podcast Standards. Some don’t, or only with lipservice.

We don’t need or even have any funds for a PR arm. But for sure we can ask the visionary hosting companies to communicate the Podcast Standard in their advertising and marketing. Much of which funds the ‘podcast press’.

I’ll make sure we have urinal stickers for y’all in Dallas.

Adam Curry

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